Exclusive Designers

We have in-house  designers who have been professionally trained in:

*pop ceiling & Andre
*sculptural work
*3d wall panels
*concrete stamped Floor design

Our designers have over 10 years experience and are dedicated to the work and make sure that they work to our customers satisfaction.


Triple M has designed and managed projects for the entertainment industry, medical facilities, and military bases nationwide. From initial concept to final detail, the key to our success is our commitment to customer satisfaction combined with unique capabilities and furniture resources.
We help you design your home on the front end before construction to save you time and money, plan for what you need, and in most cases, build those costs into your home loan. We work with you to accomplish your needs, design to your style, and create an efficient home that can fit right into the builder’s plans.
The result are distinct and unique homes that are tailored to the lifestyles and budgets of our clients, whether they are individuals or custom home builders.

We design and create spaces from residential homes to office spaces with a focus on functionality and aesthetic appeal.”


Whether your space is administrative, executive, intimate luxury residence, smart innovative resort, hotel or open plan, we can help you meet your requirements and even service multiple locations. Triple M represents hundreds of nationally recognized interior designers, giving you access to an wide range of products to meet your facility’s needs and adapt easily as those needs change.


Triple M is a leading provider of workspace solutions. Whether you wish to refurbish an existing space or relocate, we design, furnish and deliver spaces which enhance your business and the well-being of those within it. Our office designs reflects your company and how you like to work; both internally and with customers.
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